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 Jeff Struecker  leads the Unbeatable Army.  He’s a decorated soldier who enlisted in the United States Army at age 18 and retired with almost 23 years of active federal service. in 2017, he was inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

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Don’t worry if it will get worse tomorrow.  Just simply, commit to face the challenges of today without quitting.  Anyone who refused to give up during their worst days can be unbeatable.

The world is watching to see what kind of King Charles will become. Will he be a selfish king like all, or will he be an honorable, noble king like David? The stark difference between these two kings lies in their submission to King Jesus.  If you want the history books and your empire to fondly remember your reign when you lie in Westminster with your mother, serve your people and submit to the King of Kings! 

All human relationships require sacrifices. However, don't let the relationship become exploitative.  If you must temporarily pause your dreams to strengthen your relationship, use the break as an opportunity to put the pieces in place to fast forward your dreams when the timing is right.

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